Fashion tour Tiina Talumees Tiina Talumees collection Photoshoot Restaurant MEKK Modern Estonian Cuisine Restaurant Ö Tallinn by Night


After a good-night sleep and a replenishing breakfast be ready for an Exclusive Fashion Tour that takes you to the most famous fashion designers’ boutiques - Tiina Talumees Fashion studio, Embassy of Fashion, Iida Gallery-Kristiina Viirpalu, Liisi Eesmaa Vintage &Tallinn Dolls etc.

Nordic fashion with its characteristics and high quality is the superlative in surprising experience! The tour is guided by one of the Estonian fashion designers.

For lunch, you will stop at “MEKK” to explore some Modern Estonian Cuisine where its rich history has mixed gastronomy components from Danish, Sweden, Russian and German cuisine, not to forget its own unique nuances, becoming an ultimately enchanting and diverse phenomenon. All the raw produce used in modern Estonian dishes is extremely fresh and come, as much as possible, from Estonian ecological farms, emphasizing the healthiness of the diet!

The afternoon continues with a Photo Shoot! Estonian make-up artists and hair-dressers will make your natural beauty even more stunning and prepare you for the photo shooting with a professional photographer! The location of shooting is upon your choice: studio, fashion atelier, medieval old town, Kadriorg romantic park or a pristine beach.

Distinctive Dinner in an award-winning fine dining restaurants “Ö “.The chefs even cook their very special bread, make sorbet’s from collected berries, dry and smoke carefully chosen meats and fish, boil their broths. Nothing artificial is added, one can truly taste the richness of Nordic region healthy cuisine.

Tonight is Ladies Night Out, whether you prefer American 1933 style club “Chicago” with the best live music, bold and beautiful crowd at “BonBon” or have a look at the local and international trendsetters at “Vabank”.

Feel the cosmopolitan and international vibe of Tallinn’s cutting edge lounges and clubs!