Patterns from Muhu Trendy & Fashionable Traditional Clothing by P.Halberg Amber by P.Halberg


There are plenty of opportunities for all kind of shoppers.

Estonian handicrafts are beautiful, usually functional items, hand-made following centuries-old methods. Knitwear of all colours is very popular - colourful jumpers, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, and mittens in a wide variety of different patterns. Linen for home design and clothing is quite widespread, like household items made from leather, stone and wood. Juniper is used for butter knives and sugar bowls making them also popular souvenirs.

Estonia is also home to a booming fashion industry that is increasingly catching the attention of our European neighbours. Estonia boasts a number of highly- talented local fashion designers, who distinguish for their unique style with Nordic elements of sophistication and offer tailor-made haute couture at positively surprising prices.